Out Of Breath: Woodland Park Loop @ Kalispell, MT

December 13, 2016

Welcome to the second in the Out Of Breath series!  In this feature, I'll share my Strava run details (at the bottom of this post) as well as a few pictures of the places I'm running through/by/in/past/etc.  


In the second episode, I've been running regularly for about a month after a couple months of relaxed rehab (stretching, lots of walking and some cycling) after injuring my left knee.  The knee became a bit sore after this run (I did a few very steep hills, which seems to exacerbate it) so I took a small break again.  However, now that I'm feeling good again the snow has descended upon Walla Walla and it makes it a bit difficult to run.


I was with my family at my sisters home in Kalispell, MT.  I decided to run on the morning of Thanksgiving, in order to prepare my body for long weekend of wonderful, delicious consumption.  It was a very cold day but the sun was out and the scenery was gorgeous.



I wandered through Woodland Park and watched the ducks, then headed south along the wooded trail that stretches along a small creek towards the Flathead river wilderness area on the east side of Kalispell.  There were a surprising amount of people out on the Thursday morning, as well as quite a few deer.  I saw six of them total and they seemed to be entirely nonplussed by the humans that were out and about.



At the end of my run, before I turned around, I managed to leave the trees and get a wonderful view of the Glacier Mountain range to the east.  My sister and her husband live in a truly beautiful place.  I love being in the outdoors.



Feel free to follow me on Strava if you also use it.  It's a pretty cool tool for running/cycling/etc.




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