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Selfies, group selfies, short videos and other small pieces of "us" as we travel.

About Wilbur

Wilbur is our 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser.  Find out what we did to him and what makes him tick.

About Us

Learn about Clo and Matt; how they met, who they are, and why they're traveling.



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Updated August 2016


Matt and Clotilde met at a BBQ in Singapore in the middle of 2013.  Matt had been living and working in Singapore for about a year, and Clo had arrived only a few days earlier on what was supposed to be a three-month long project trip.  Three years later, they are married, left Singapore at the end of March, having chosen to leave behind their previous careers, lifestyles and standards of living.   They are now starting a new journey of exploration and discovery together, both of the world and each other.

Matt has worked for approximately fifteen years in the telecommunications field, with the past five years focused on mobile financial services.  During that time he's spent over ten years with the same company, living and working in a few different countries.  He was born in Germany but was raised and grew up on the west coast of the US, in the state of Washington.

Clo was born and raised in the north of France, studied in Texas and Spain and spent most of her adult life living in Paris and Rome ("with Love").  She is a professional freelance photographer and has had her work published in a variety of magazines, a book of her photos and numerous exhibits and galleries.  She specializes in dogs, fashion and direct portrayals of daily life.  She also enjoys and has a long history of working for festivals, the most notable being her nearly ten years with Festival de Cannes.


Through the first half of 2016, they have prepared and planned and now are about to start on their trip by going down the west coast of the US and into Central and South America.

Please follow along and join them in their explorations.






Loves photography and dogs

March 2016

I think I choose photography as an excuse to travel.

I think I like travelling because it is a great excuse for creating more photographies.

I often think too much, but sometimes not enough.

I love watching people, I like to watch them fast : I need to be quick if I want to capture their most natural attitude ; and sometimes I am not hunting so I watch them slow, it’s more relaxing but can get boring. I like action better I think .Or not, but I want to like action better.

I love how Matt takes his times when he watches people, and how he creates an entirely new life story for them just with the fun power of imagination.


Since we were kids my parents took me and my sisters on vacation abroad ; as soon as we got old enough to travel in school group we would. And when we were on age to travel « smart » (exchange programs, learn the language, diploma of another country) we did. Not always easy but addictive both in its ups and downs.

There is a difference between travelling in a country and living in a country. Both are full of surprises and of great learning experiences.

Learning about yourself and about the others, and about my other : my other half. He is not the better half of us tho, I am.

But to keep on learning about Matt during this adventure we are about to start is something I look forward to almost the most. That and seeing Frida Kahlo’s blue house in Coyoacan.


And  I love dogs, so I might picture a lot of them. And add a lot of captions about the differents breeds, and some more hashtags about their origins and so on.


Here is a link to my photography work for the past 10 years:


Welcome to our trip !! …seems like it’s going to be a pretty good one, so sit back, relax and enjoy your reading of our website !


Not quite French


Loves eating and talking

August 2016

I've been thinking about quitting my job and traveling for nearly the whole time I've had a job.  Fortunately for me, during most of my career (especially the last ~10 years) I've had the opportunity to live and work in a new city or country every 2-3 years.  Not only did this end up being a good move professionally, it gave me the ability to get to know different parts of the world rather more than if I was only traveling through them for a few weeks or months.  There is no question that one of the things I find most educational and rewarding about traveling is getting to meet and know different people and their cultures.


Starting around 2011, I started seriously considering what it would take for me to be able to quit my job and start traveling for an undetermined period of time.  I had a few high level ideas and rough outlines, but before I started planning the details I met Clotilde in 2013.


I quickly found out she was just as interested in the idea as I was, and so we decided to take this trip together.  We've now been talking about it for a few years, and planning it more seriously for about one year.


Besides the excitement and freedom involved in the travel itself, we both have our own personal projects we want to work on together.  This website is a way to share those with our family and friends (and perhaps others).


I can't wait!

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