• Clo and Matt


Drake Bay, Costa Rica. 2018, March 28th.


Corcovado, Costa Rica. 2018, March 22nd.


Irazu volcano, Coast Rica. 2018, March 18th.


Laguna Apoyo, Nicaragua. 2018, February 26th.


Cerro Negro volcano, Nicaragua. 2018, February 19th.


Laguna de Alegria, Salvador. 2018, February 10th.


Xcalak, Mexico. 2017, November 25th.


Tulum, Mexico. 2017, November 12th.


Chichen Itza, Mexico. 2017, November 6th.


Hierve del Agua, Mexico. 2017, October 12th.


Don't mess with Texas. The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, USA. 2017, September 10th.

City view of Austin, Texas, USA. 2017, September 8th.

Amen. On the road to Guachochi. 2017, July 25th.

What a walk in Copper Canyon. 20k, a few cows, two donkeys, one dog named Stalker, two puppies and a bunch of kids encountered. 2017, July 22nd.

Crazy road to Urique!! Youhouuuuuu!! Go Wilbur!! 2017, July 20th.

The Copper Canyon is stunning, we don't matter: we can stay in the shadows!! 2017, July 17th.

Little snack in Basaseachic Falls. Not sure why Matt is doing this face. Happy 4th anniversary!! 2017, July 13th.

Great walk by the water in San Carlos. 2017, July 7th.

Let's go the the eye doctor!! Great one in Hermosillo if someone needs an address there. 2017, July 1st.

Relaxation after a long day of driving. Time to prepare Wilbur for the night. Puerto Lobos. 2017, June 28th.

Cactus time. Matt thinks his green shirt will provide excellent camouflage. On the road close to Caborca in Sonora. 2017, June 26th.

What a sunset, down on the beach from our wild camping spot. San Luis Rio Colorado. 2017, June 22nd.

Such a spot for wild camping. Our first truly wild camping spot and it was amazing. San Luis Rio Colorado. 2017, June 21st.

Looking for condors!! San Pedro Nacional Park. 2017, June 20th.

Picture time at the observatory. Matt sure is on his phone a lot. San Pedro Nacional Park. 2017, June 19th.

Matt starts cooking on our great campground spot in San Pedro Martir Nacional Park. 2017, June 18th.

What a view from the observatory up at the top of the mountains in San Pedro Martir Nacional Park. 2017, June 18th.

Such a great time in the abandoned hotel (La Cueva del Pirata) where we parked for 2 nights. This is down the cliff along the shore where there is an abandoned pier to go with the hotel. 2017, June 17th.

Our camping spot at La Cueva del Pirata on the Baja Peninsula. Mexico's sun is powerful!!! 2017, June 16th.

On the road on the coast between Ensenada and Tijuana, enjoying the coastline and the end of the Costco chips bag!! 2017, June 13th.

Clo and I are finally reunited and begin the road trip in Mexico! We spent a few days in Ensenada and strolled along the beach. 2017, June 13th.

We spent a lot of time in Paris at the end of March and through April, in between our trips to England and the Netherlands. Don't tell anyone, but Clo secretly hates the Eiffel Tower. She covers it up quite well, I think. 2017, March 30th.

Waiting for our drinks to arrive at the wonderful cafe where we spent countless hours to use their wifi. In the village of Ax les Thermes, below Bonascre. 2017, February 25th.

Sweet, sweet warm sun. We spent about four hours in the train and are visiting our friends in Barcelona. I loved this city! I would really like to live here for a year or two. We are walking around the beach near Puerto Olimpico. Barcelona, Spain. 2017, February 15th.

Taking a walk along a trail that goes along the side of the mountains where people are skiing and snowboarding. It's a nice 4-5k walk from Bonascre, France. 2017, February 22nd.

One of the many walks we took along the rivers which head northwest and southeast from Ax les Thermes. Clo was worried her dirty hair would be evident in this picture. Oops :-). 2017, February 20th.

Unfortunately the motorcycle is not ours. It really made me (Matt) want to travel though! It's also much warmer down the mountain in Ax les Thermes, as I'm sitting next to the Bassin des Ladres (Bath of the Lepers). The small inset stone-covered pool was built in 1260 during the construction of a hospital for lepers and injured soldiers of the crusades. 2017, February 19th.

​Taking the gondola (or "ouef" which means "egg" in French) from the small town of Ax les Thermes to the ski village of Bonascre (where we were staying for a few weeks). 2017, February 18th.

Away from the warmer Cote d'Azur and heading southwest into the Pyrenees. Clo and I with Clo's second oldest (out of 4) sister and her two children in the small ski village of Bonascre, France. 2017, February 15th.

​Six weeks later and on the other side of the world. Thankfully also much warmer. We took a walk outside the city of Toulon and ended up at the Notre Dame du Cap Falcon. 2017, February 9th.

​Guess what? It's still cold. After standing around for a few hours while Clo took pictures of people ice skating with their dogs and playing hockey on the lake, we walk back to our accommodation for the night. 2016, December 29th.

​​Still cold. Back in Anchorage for a day before we head to Fairbanks. 2016, December 29th.

​A very, very cold Usie at Anchor Point, along the Kenai Peninsula. We were visiting Matt's family and took a road trip down to Homer from the Soldotna area. Clo is entirely too excited to see a snow covered beach for the first time. 2016, December 27th.

​Usie the day after we arrived in Anchorage, Alaska. This is a few minutes walk from the downtown core, looking across the ice-covered Knik Arm. 2016, December 23rd.

​Our first Snowy Usie of the season!! Winter is coming! (in Blue Mountain, 60 k from Walla Walla, WA)

Video usie near Paris, Idaho while we search for more signs of Clo's new old hometown. 2016, September 28th.

Video usie from Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho. Leaving a cave we had explored and heading back towards the path. 2016, September 26th.

Community volunteering Usie in Walla Walla. Helping to clean graffiti from murals in our current home town. 2016, September 18th.

Happy Rialto Beach Usie. WA. USA.

Black and white Usie from Anacortes, Washington. Waiting for the ferry to Friday Harbor where we are spending a couple of days whale watching. 2016, September 6th.

Video usie. My sister decorating my beard with, as I grudgingly requested, a proverbial meadow of flowers. It exceeded my wildest expectations and fears. 2016, August 9th.

The Usie from Lake McDonals in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.

Slow-mo usie. Canoeing down the Clearwater River in Montana. 2016, August 8th.

The funny wet feet Usie from Flathead River, Montana, USA.

A cold Usie with icebergs in Glacier Lake at Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.

Video Usie. Preventing porcupines from assaulting Wilbur at Lake Gibson in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, BC. 2016, August 4th.

An Usie from Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. 2016, August 4th.



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