• Matt & Clo

We Aren't Lost, Just Delayed

It's been a while since we've last shared an update on our travels. We have still been traveling quite a lot, though in the past few months it hasn't been in our trusty steed Wilbur. Clo was working on a project in France in January, and during that time I was visiting my sister and brother in law in Montana. The visit went very well, but two blocks away from their house I was t-boned by a guy running a red light. Thankfully neither myself or the occupants in the other vehicle were injured, but the other car was was totaled (it needed to be towed off, whereas I drove away) and Wilbur needed to have a door replaced and a few other mostly cosmetic repairs.

After being very happy we choose the extremely sturdy vehicle we did, Wilbur went to the truck hospital and I decided to join Clo in Europe. We have been traveling around and visiting friends and family in France, England, Spain and the Netherlands since then. I'll be returning to the US shortly while Clo works for all of May at the Cannes Film Festival, and will be doing the final preparations for our departure. This includes a number of updates to this website in the "about Wilbur" section as I finish writing about the work we've done to him.

In June we will finally start south! Until then we'll be sharing the updates mentioned above as well as a number of Clo's Next ViewPoints. I hope you enjoy them!



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