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Clo's Next ViewPoint: Those friends we made along the road

Friend that become family, friends that make you smile, friends to talk to, friends to share travels stories...

Saltillo, Mexico. Matt lived for about a month (thanks airbnb!) with Remie, Ziho and Sia while Clo was in France. And a few weeks after we left, they added twins to their family!

Matt's Birthday, first time I heard about work away.

The kind family we spent the earth quake with in Mexico City.

Kids. Who doesn't like Star Wars games?

Clo's birthday in Merida, Mexico. This wonderful couple invited us to their table and we ended up spending the whole evening with them.

City photographer during Dead of the dead. Merida, Mexico.

Toyota overlanders: Mark and Becky.

What a hike in Tajumulco with Trevor and Melissa .. and a few beers! Guatemala.

Meeting the acroyoga Frenchy's in Salvador.

The beginning of the Garifuna Gang in Dangriga, Belize.

Chilling with the Italians in el Cuco, Salvador.

Back with Max and Marta in Lagauna Apoyo, Nicaragua.

Crazy motorcyclist couple from the UK, Andrew...

... and his Spanish wife, Amparo.

Our Nicaragua wedding in great company.

Max, Marta and Jamie our neighbor (Toyota overlander, the roof tent expert!!!)

Ania and Rasta in Costa Rica.

Our shipping partners: Alaina and Brian. I have a feeling it's just the beginning of our friendship with those two :-)

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