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Out Of Breath: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Welcome to the twenty-second episode in the Out Of Breath series! This run in Buenos Aires occurred on the 29th of December, 2018.

My last run in 2018! I love Buenos Aires. I wouldn't say I liked it more (or less) than Santiago, but these two cities are definitely my favorite of the past ~18 months of traveling through the Americas. They are very different, though. For example, when running at 7am in Santiago I came across hundreds of other runners, walkers and cyclists.

In Buenos Aires, at 7am I met about thirty other runners. And hundreds of people still drunk and partying in the streets. It's definitely a different vibe! Both cities are quite nice, very European-ish, with good food and interesting architecture. To compare to other European cities where I've been, Santiago is similar to London or Geneva and Buenos Aires is some sort of combination of Rome, Paris and Barcelona.

I ran a few times while we were here in the city, a fact I am particular proud of considering we also partied a lot. Christmas, hello parties for friends we'd met earlier in our travels, goodbye parties for friends who were finishing their trip and shipping home, and of course New Years Eve.

All of my runs in BA were around Puerto Madero. We were staying nearby and it was a very nice place to get away from traffic (there's always some), get some shade (even at 7am the sun is hot... not Singapore hot, but still hot) and enjoy the views. They've done a great job of making a port a beautiful place.

In a funny coincidence, just like my run in Ushuaia, at the end of this particular run in Buenos Aires it started to pour rain. Far more than in Ushuaia, but thankfully the temperatures here are much more comfortable. The dark grey and strangely textures clouds were quite interesting, at least.

As you can see, I've also gotten rid of the beard. For me, the end of the world was also the end of my magnificent facial foliage. The trimming was getting a bit annoying and... well, to be honest, there were some personal romantic reasons as well. For the first week or two it was super weird not to have it there, though!

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