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Out Of Breath: Mendoza, Argentina

Welcome to the twenty-third episode in the Out Of Breath series! This run in Mendoza occurred on the 21st of January, 2019.

For almost the whole month of January, Clo was back in France for work. This meant I was left to my own devices, and so I decided to spend a few weeks in Mendoza. It was much cheaper to stay there compared to Buenos Aires, and the weather looked like it would be a lot nicer. I spent a few relaxed days driving across the continent and was extremely pleasantly surprised by the wonderful city.

All of the streets in Mendoza are lined with trees, providing lovely shade from the very hot sun. To support this large ecosystem, there are canals that run (just like me! hah hah?) along the side of every single street, and in the parks, and around the squares... it's really quite impressive. They release water into the canals at different times of the day, depending on the location and amount of trees requiring water.

The very, very large park where I did most of my runs was a great example of energy efficient gardening. There were no sprinklers or fancy irrigation systems, just a series of canals running throughout the entire park. It was also a beautiful place with lots of trees, paths, gardens and water features.

In addition to the paths under the trees everywhere, the lake was also very busy for most of the times I was there. A few swimmers and very many rowers were often out on the water. It was a great place to exercise and I went back a few times just to walk around and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Even though the sun was quite hot, the shade of the trees and persistent cool breeze from the Andes kept it rather comfortable at all times.

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