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Out Of Breath: Puerto Olimpico Beach @ Barcelona, Spain

Welcome to the third in the Out Of Breath series! In this feature, I'll share my Strava run details (at the bottom of this post) as well as a few pictures of the places I'm running through/by/in/past/etc. This run occurred 26th February, 2017 (yup, this is really delayed).

After a break of a couple of months due to the winter in Washington state and general fugue, I started running again in Barcelona. This was my second run of the year, but without a doubt one of my favorite thus far (up to beginning of May, when I am writing this).

Clo and I were visiting our friends who live in Barcelona, and the morning after eating entirely too much steak I decided I'd pull out the shoes and go for a run. The weather was a gorgeous 15C/60F with a light breeze off the ocean, warm sun and people everywhere.

The run was about half on hard sandy trail and half on concrete. They did have a split between running/cycling and walkers/tourists, which was quite nice. People were pretty cheerful, which isn't hard to imagine why. I had a big grin the whole time too, because how cool is it to be running in Barcelona?! A few days ago Clo and I were in the Pyrenees in the snow!

Besides running, lots of people were playing volleyball, football (soccer for the Americans), frisbee and generally enjoying themselves. This particular picture (above) is directly outside of a seniors club, which had about 150 folks over the age of ~60 who were relaxing, playing table tennis, chatting, drinking (alcohol and yes in the morning) and looking pretty cool.

More people hanging out and enjoying the sun and sand. The whole beach area is pretty nice and it was a lot cleaner than I expected for so much activity. I really liked the fish sculpture you can see in this pic, and there are quite a few other interesting sculptures all over the city.

The fish from the other side, as well as one of the paths I was running on (and another runner - this was at the end of the run where fewer people were at). I really enjoyed Barcelona a lot and would love to live here one day (quite a bit in the future, but still!). Pretty awesome city!

Feel free to follow me on Strava if you also use it. It's a pretty cool tool for running/cycling/etc.

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