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Out Of Breath: Hermosillo, Mexico

Welcome to the eighth episode in the Out Of Breath series! In this feature, I'll share my Strava run details (at the bottom of this post) as well as a few pictures of the places I'm running through/by/in/past/etc. This run occurred 3rd July, 2017.

I was planning on running a few days ago, when we were in Bahia Kino. But I didn't because I am an expert procrastinator. And the 90f/32c heat and 90% humidity at 7am was a bit of a de-motivator. Gosh, it sounds like Singapore! I've turned into a running wimp since I've left. Annnnyway, we've been in Hermosillo in an awesome Airbnb for the last two days and will be here for a few more. The first night was dedicated to having a long and restful sleep, but now that's done I need to get out and use up some of my energy!

The sunrise was quite picturesque. The water is a bit out of place, though extremely welcome. Last night there was a tremendous thunderstorm with about an hour of very strong gusting winds and lightning, and finally it started pouring rain before we went to sleep. It didn't do a lot to change the temperature (still about 95f/35c) in the morning, but there were remnants of the storm everywhere. This was the first rain we have seen since starting the trip!

I really enjoy running through quiet residential streets and getting a feel for the neighborhood. Hermosillo is the first larger and well maintained town we've been in Mexico so far and it's quite nice. The hill in the distance is supposed to offer a great view over the city and the reservoir of the dam on the east side of town. They dam the Sonora river, which also runs through the center of the city.

However, at this time of the year there isn't exactly a lot of water in the river. The water you do see here is mainly due to the heavy rain last night, since the river isn't usually running except in the early fall and late winter. These are also some of the first clouds we've seen in the last few weeks! Generally the weather has been hot, sunny, hot and an extra side of hot. With some humidity and wind.

I took a break for pictures and turned around right at the edge of the historic center of downtown. Later in the evening Clo and I will go explore the main plaza, as it's supposed to be very occupied with street performers, everyone coming out to enjoy the cool of the evening, food vendors and generally an interesting place to check out. Even in the morning (about 6:30am) it was rather busy with older folks walking and the street cleaners.

I also ran by an interesting looking sort of tent show. A sort of traveling theatre performance? It was a nice run. It was great to stretch my legs again, especially knowing there was a wonderful shower waiting for me at the end of it. And air conditioning. Oh yes. The small things really do make a big difference. It's our first air conditioning since we started the trip!

Feel free to follow me on Strava if you also use it. It's a pretty cool tool for running/cycling/etc.

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