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Out Of Breath: Oaxaca, Mexico

Welcome to the eleventh episode in the Out Of Breath series! This run in Oaxaca occurred on the 29th of September, 2017.

It had been quite a while since my last run, though I had been doing quite a bit of walking and a few reasonable hiking excursions. Nonetheless, I was quite eager for another run to see how my legs and body felt.

We were staying in Oaxaca for a few days, and my run started right outside the door of our very nice little airbnb. The first thing I realized is that I would have to pay a lot of attention to the ground, since it would be easy to twist my ankle on the cobblestone roads. It's a really nice looking morning view though.

In addition to the cobblestones, there were lots of old churches and neat looking streats. It was nice to see them in the morning when not many people were out and about, also; Oaxaca is a pretty touristy place, even if most of the tourists aren't gringos. The streets are pretty packed during the day and evening.

Finally I completed my rather short run at a pleasantly small square near our airbnb. There was a coffee shop on the corner (there are tons of cafes everywhere around the Oaxaca old city area, it's really great) and two nuns heading down the street on some random errand. It was a great way to finish the run.

And a great way to start the morning. Oaxaca is definitely a place I could live in for a year or two, the climate, vibes of the city and cost of living seem rather great. Oh, and the food is amazing! It's a great city.

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