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Out Of Breath: El Cuco, El Salvador

Welcome to the thirteenth episode in the Out Of Breath series! This run in El Cuco occurred on the 10th of February, 2018.

El Cuco is on the southeastern coast of El Salvador. It's one of two relatively popular small beach towns in the country, the other being El Tunco. We discovered El Cuco has an incredible beach, is very popular on the weekends with locals and not very expensive to stay there. We met a few other cool overlanders while we were there, too!

Anyway, it was a perfect place to continue running. It's not often I can run barefoot the whole way, but this beach was just too perfect.

At the beginning of my run there was no one else on the beach. At all. Not even dogs. Barely any birds. Just the crashing of the waves, the increasingly warm sun and the light squish splash of my toes hitting the damp sand.

Just me, alone with my thoughts. Then some dogs came up and followed me for a while. Finally when I turned around and ran back, there were a few fishermen getting their boats ready and a few other people walking along the beach.

It was a really great run.

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