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Out Of Breath: Leon, Nicaragua

Welcome to the fourteenth episode in the Out Of Breath series! This run in Leon occurred on the 17th of February, 2018.

Not quite the same as running by the beach, but I felt great and wanted to explore the city a bit more than we had done in the downtown core. I started off relatively (6:30ish) early in the morning, but this didn't do much for my comfort except help me get some nice sunlight in my photos. I was sweating before I ran 100m and it was pouring off me by the time I had finished.

The view in the morning sun was really pretty. There are so many churches in Leon, it's hard to go anywhere without running by one. Along with churches are cemeteries, and the cemeteries everywhere in Central America are very colorful and more celebratory than sad. At least that's the way it seems to me!

Guess what? More churches! It doesn't show so much in the pictures, but there are also lots of people up and about at this time in the morning. Many of them parents (mostly mothers, but fathers too) and their kids. It was a Sunday so some were getting ready for church (yep, already) but some were playing catch, playing with their dog, lots of the regular things you see everywhere.

Here's a dad playing football with his little boy. They barely even looked at me, they were so absorbed in their game.

I tried to stick to the residential streets wherever possible, but eventually I returned downtown and suffered through the black smoke of the taxi vans and buses. It's nice to get outside of town and explore.

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