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Out Of Breath: Lake Apoyo, Nicaragua

Welcome to the fifteenth episode in the Out Of Breath series! This run along Lake Apoyo occurred on the 21st of February, 2018.

We spent nearly two weeks at Lake Apoyo, and it was two of the best weeks we've had on the trip so far. I did this run the morning after we arrived (the first time, we took a slight detour of two days before coming back for our wedding anniversary celebration) and was a teeny tiny bit hungover. It reminded me of all those runs in Singapore on Saturday or Sunday morning.

The view here might be a bit better, though. Or if not better than Singapore, it was certainly equally as unique and stunning. Lake Apoyo is in the crater of a dormant volcano and is very beautiful and serene. It's less hot and sweltering than the surrounding area thanks to the elevation and constant wind blowing across the lake. It's wonderful.

It's also rather hilly. At least the road surrounding lake has a bunch of hills as it winds up and down, through the few different hotels and such that are on the side near Paradiso (the spot we were staying). The morning, though you might think it to be the quietest time of the day, is completely the opposite. All of the animals are waking up, the birds are screaming at each other, the monkeys are howling and the dogs are barking.

I was surprised at the attention paid in Nicaragua to some of the national parks and protected areas. It's nice when there is not trash everywhere like in Guatemala! People take it pretty seriously as well, which is a pleasant surprise from many of the other countries we've traveled through thus far.

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