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Out Of Breath: Cannes, France

Welcome to the eighteenth episode in the Out Of Breath series! This run in Cannes occurred on the 8th of May, 2018.

How could I not be excited to go running in this fantastic weather? The Cote d'Azur (French Riviera) is beautiful at this time of the year and Cannes was no exception. I was feeling good and after having done a few runs in the past week-ish, it was nice to enjoy the scenery and conditions more than focusing on the run itself.

For those who haven't been in Cannes, it's an interesting place with a bunch of wealthy people with a dash of retirees (often times one and the same). At this particular time of the year, it's a big part of the summer yachting schedule with many of them showing up for the couple weeks of yacht parties surrounding the film festival. There are also many, many tourists but not many of them running so no pictures of them.

There are also lots of beaches. So many beaches. The city keeps the beach area in great shape and it's a public area that is always crowded and busy. A few neat statues as well.

Those yachts I was talking about? Here's one of the bigger ones. It's fun to run along the different docks in the multiple harbors dotting this part of the Mediterranean and check them out as I go.

Besides yachts, there are also a number of different places where you can rent kayaks, paddle boards, kite surf setups and more. The sea is quite calm most of the time and many people go out into the water to play. Many more people just lay on the beach and enjoy the sun, but it's still an active place for water sports.

It really was great to run here. Last time I was here I was not in shape (broken arm) to run, so it was fantastic to be able to explore the city by running this time.

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