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Out Of Breath: Potosi, Bolivia

Welcome to the nineteenth episode in the Out Of Breath series! This run in Potosi occurred on the 2nd of October, 2018.

I haven't been running in over four months. I've walked and hiked a lot, but I've avoided running. At the beginning it was because of a constantly reoccurring throat infection, but then in turned into a lack of convenience (not many hot or even warm showers in the past few cold months) and lack of motivation.

I finally decided to start again after we left La Paz and I knew we'd be in a slightly smaller city with less pollution and, more importantly, we were staying somewhere with hot (or at least warm) showers. Potosi is one of the highest cities in the world at 4,090 meters (13,343 feet) and has a fascinating and old (for the Americas) history. Not exactly a kind one, but interesting nonetheless. It's also quite beautiful in the morning.

Though beautiful, it was perhaps not the best choice of cities for me to start running again. While I've been moderately active and am very acclimated to the altitude, hiking for a few hours is much different than running for even a few minutes.

I took a few breaks (only for the pictures, of course) and ran around the tourist circuit of the downtown. Thankfully at this time of the morning (about 6am) there wasn't much activity and especially not from any of the black-exhaust-spewing local buses.

It was a very pretty city to explore, although not a very long or fast run.

I am going to try and continue with the running and get back into the rhythm again. My throat and overall condition has been very good in the past couple of months, so I'm very curious to find out what I can do.

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